Conceived during the height of the pandemic lockdown, Jed Yabut Furniture & Design is the product of a subtle re-imagination of Filipino modern furniture. The collection uses 100% local, green & natural raw materials, with rattan as the primary material. All our pieces are individually crafted using traditional methods.

We are proud to be socially responsible. Our suppliers are 100% homegrown, selected for their quality raw materials and finished products. Our highly skilled local artisans, from all over the Philippines, are deeply committed to their craft. They’ve brought with them decades of experience in framing, weaving, and decorating rattan products for local and export markets. To this day, they continue to elevate the heritage of Filipino rattan craftsmanship.

We are one in the spirit of the #SupportLocal and #LoveLocal campaigns as we elevate and push Filipino creativity to greater heights for local and global markets.